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The Jazz Conspiracy exists to perform for audiences, and to enhance any occasion; we work closely with our customers to make sure we are the right fit for their event (as we rely heavily for new work on the "good word" of previous customers), and work closely with venues, and other event participants to make sure everything from sound to the pacing of the event is flawless, and that nothing "falls through the cracks."

We are happy to meet with you and visit the proposed performance venue in advance of being engaged to provide you with an honest assessment of whether we in fact represent the right fit, and are happy to recommend other ensembles where we believe this is not the case.

Which Ensemble is Right for Me?

We appreciate that the venue's size or acoustics, the nature of your event, and even your budget influence your choice of music, so we offer two different ensembles for your event:

The Jazz Conspiracy

  • The full, 18-piece ensemble packs a real wallop, is highly flexible in terms of musical styles, and is our "flagship" ensemble.
  • Generally, The Jazz Conspiracy is best for larger venues; with its relatively small "footprint" (see "Space Requirements" below), however, it is more compact than you might think.
  • Space Requirements
    The Jazz Conspiracy requires approximately 20 feet in depth x 30 feet in width of stage space, but can fit in other configurations with this approximate area.
  • Click here for the stage plot, which show the setup of the full big band, amount of power and location.

"Swingtet" Combo

  • Our "Swingtet" combo, which can range anywhere from a 3-piece to a 10-piece ensemble depending on your requirement, is appropriate for more intimate events or where the desire for improvised jazz is paramount.
  • Space Requirements
    The 10-piece Swingtet requires roughly the same amount of stage space as the full big band, but may be able to fit into smaller spaces, depending on the number of instruments.